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A Small, Fast Board Built For the Waves

The 2018 Carbon Playita is a medium-length ocean surfer that’s geared towards skilled paddlers. Low-volume rails enhance the Playita’s responsiveness when initiating carves, and its fish tail is sure to grab and lock you to the wave early and generate tons of speed while surfing.

Carbon Construction is a further improvement on our Fusion Construction boards. We begin with our lightweight and durable Fusion Construction, then we take woven Carbon & Aramid that has been compressed under intense pressure to form a stringer and apply it to the top and bottom of the board. The Carbon Playita has the highest percentage of its surface area covered with this material of any board we make, stiffening its rigidity by an unmatched 400%. The result is the closest performance to a hardboard, with the conveniences that are specific to inflatables.