What's 'SUP'?

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a recently documented offshoot of surfing that was first documented as recently as 2013 ranging from relaxing drifting, to whitewater racing, to water exploration.


StandUp Paddleboarding(SUP) has exploded onto the scene of watersports in the past few years, and has started to develop into three main groups, including 'touring'. If you ever saw the Indian River or Cape Canaveral and wanted to go out and explore the water and the islands on a nice day, this is the style for you. We've seen people head out with their kids, dogs, or camping gear during their time on the water, even making multiple day vacation trips. Longer boards tend to be the best boards for the job, and our staff can help you pick based on what your plans on. However, the best board for the job would probably be our Nass-T, built to cut through the water and be more stable. If you're looking for things to do in Cocoa Beach, give us a call!

Looking for things to do in Cocoa Beach? Try out SUP Yoga


That's not all. SUP Yoga has taken off, and started to develop as a new form of Yoga all its own. The need to focus on balancing while on the board lends itself to the art of Yoga, and the waves can create an increased difficulty. That extra difficulty of the water and small waves makes it much easier to engage your core and keep increasing your balance. Being able to dip into the water in-between poses is nice change of pace, and you get to take your exercise outdoors onto the water. There may be some extra difficulty, but the environment and the water makes it worth it. If you're thinking about giving it a shot, you could always check out some beginner SUP poses. You may find that people looking for things to do in Cocoa beach has helped SUP Yoga create a loyal following.


SUP got its start in Hawaii as a form of surfing, and it hasn't stopped. The style, shapes, and methods of how to surf with a SUP paddleboard are nearly identical with one clear difference: the paddle! The extra ability to break into the wave your riding to further improve your control, speed, and turning range creates all sorts of new tricks and maneuvers that simply can't be done with traditional surfing. For the experienced rider, it means your wave count goes way up and you're usually working on a longer board. You're able to engage waves at any section of the line-up and catch waves that are too small or weird for traditional surfing. For beginner riders, it means a much easier way into the world of surfing. You'll still probably crash while learning, but its a easier to recover with your paddle and get back out for the next wave. However if you are learning, remember that you want to be a strong swimmer to engage the same waves as other surfers--you tend to be a little farther out that most beach-goers.

Looking things to do in Cape Canaveral? Take Surfing to a new level with SUP surfing


If you're inclined to go boat fishing, you've probably already heard the benefits of finding a boat without a motor to avoid scaring off the fish with the sound whenever you need to move to a new spot. SUP boards provide a bit more speed and control than kayaks, and there's no need to crane the top half of you body off the side just to look for the fish around you. Paddleboard paddles disturb the waters less than kayaks, and give you the ability to stand up, so that you can cast your line properly. The rigging provided on an inflatable SUP provides you with even MORE room that you can get on a kayak, and they're far tougher against hooks than most people give them credit for. Being able to dig into new, tighter locations is another benefit, along with being able to switch your fishing location on a dime--and not scattering the new fish as soon as you arrive.

Our Rentals

Kuke's Paddleboards and More offers 24 hour rentals and one week rentals for all of our boards. We're local, we're friendly, and we're here to help you enjoy the Florida sun. Whether you're local or you're here for vacation, we can help you every step of the way, and even give you a few tips. If you're interested in giving us a shot, give us a call or fill out the form on the 'contact-us' page!